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London based production name. A videographer and visual poet.

Video - Today's most popular form of communication, from commercial to feature production it's the most effective way to attract new business and touch a larger scale of the public. 

I've been fortunate to work with great people in the past... 

artists, choreographers, creators, athletes, business owners, and other visionaries. Some of which I have continuously collaborated with again and again.


To mention a few:  

Rambert Dance Company (UK),

Dance Umbrella (UK),

Ballet Black (UK),

Coronet Theatre (UK),

N'Da Dance Company (SA),

BTM Basketball (UK),

Plugged Live Shows (NED),

Apply IT (LV),

SCE Basketball (UK),

Daiga Alise Freimane (FRA),

Miguel Altunaga Verdecia (CUB),

Ieva Dubova (LV)

... and more.

I love movement, In every shape and form. Like life itself, it has a beginning and an end, progression, and journey, a story, a "why, who and where". Meaning triggered by a feeling. 

I specialize in capturing the whole picture. 

Hire Us


Filming :
Full day £900 (10h max.)*
Half-day £500
(4h max.)*

Editing :
£200-£250* per 30 sec. end prod.
£250-£350* per 60 sec. end prod.

Training :

Introduction to Filmmaking - £70 per hour*

Introduction to Photography - £50 per hour*

Introduction to "Your Camera" - £50 per hour*


*extra expenses are not included in the rate and can be applied due to the nature, length, location, and complexity of the production. Examples - travel, transport, accommodation, equipment, music, special effects, graphic design, sound design, etc.  


nauris buksevics

founder & director

 photo by Linda "Phteven" Koolen 

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